The EC Reviewer Hall of Fame: the most frequent EC reviewers from 2009 to 2015a

James Bangs
Axel A. Brakhage
Robert A. Cramer
Dana A. Davis
Mark Field
Steven Harris
Charles Hoffman
Alexander Idnurm
James B. Konopka
James Kronstad
Xiaorong Lin
William F. Loomis
John M. Lopes
Gregory May
Kevin A. Morano
W. Scott Moye-Rowley
Laurie K. Read
Todd B. Reynolds
John C. Samuelson
Upinder Singh
Theodore C. White
Jin-Rong Xu
Chaoyang Xue
  • a Most EC editors were also frequent reviewers prior to their appointments as editors, and their names have been omitted from this list for brevity.