Defined carbon pools in the A. fumigatus ECM (grown in modified RPMI medium)Embedded Image

Chemical shift, 13C (ppm)Carbon typeCarbon mass (% of total)Molecules
173Carbonyls12Amino acids, phospholipids, N- and O-acetyl modifications
130–160Aromatics3Melanin, amino acids
60–80Ring carbons35aSugars
50–60Other Cα7Amino acids
38–43Gly Cα0.30Gly
33CH2s10Amino acids, fatty acid chains
12–25Methyls18Acetyl groups, amino acids
  • a Values are provided for the first sample based on the full analysis in this paper. The notable difference in a second ECM sample is the reduced polysaccharide content with 4% anomeric carbons and 15% ring carbons.