Genetic interactions of brl1 mutationsa with mutations affecting lipid biosynthesis

Genotype of lipid mutant testedFunction of encoded proteinbInteractionc
elo2ΔFatty acid elongationSL
elo3ΔFatty acid elongationSL
arv1ΔSterol homeostasis, GPI anchor synthesisSL
erg5ΔErgosterol biosynthesisSL
erg6ΔErgosterol biosynthesisSL
mga2ΔTranscription factor for OLE1SS
spt23ΔTranscription factor for OLE1SS
  • a The brl1-1 and brl1-2 mutants show similar interactions with the mutants listed. The growth of the double mutants was assessed at 30°C.

  • b GPI, glycosylphosphatidylinositol.

  • c SL, synthetically lethal; SS, synthetically sick.