Cell wall-related bionumbers and bioestimates of live, diploid, exponential-phase parent yeast cells, budding cells, and hyphae of C. albicans grown in rich medium at 37°C

Diploid parent yeast cells
    Length and width6.0 and 5.3 μm27
    Surface area96.1 μm2
    Vol88.2 μm3
    Densitya1.11 g cm−3 (= pg μm−3)88
    Biomass (wet wt)98.0 pg
    Biomass (dry wt)a33.3 pg (34% of wet wt)89
    Cellular proteina17.7 pg (53% of dry wt)74
    Wallsa7.0 pg (21% of dry wt)67
    Wall protein0.24 pg (3.5% of walls)62
    β-Glucan1.6 × 1010 Glc62
        β-1,3-Glucan1.1 × 1010 Glc62
        β-1,6-Glucan4.8 × 109 Glc62
    Cellular proteinsb2.0 × 108
    Wall proteins
        No.b2.9 × 106
        Surface density3.0 × 104 μm−2
Diploid budding cells
    Biomass formationc0.37 pg min−1; dry wt
    Surface expansion ratec1.1 μm2 min−1
    Incorporation rate in bud wallsc
        β-1,3-Glucan8.5 × 107 Glc min−1
         β-1,6-Glucand4.3 × 107 Glc min−1
        Wall proteins3.2 × 104 min−1
Elongating hyphae
        Germ tubes2.6 μm29
        Mature hyphae3.4 μm29
    Elongation rate
        Germ tubes0.32 μm min−129
        Mature hyphae0.76 μm min−129
    Surface expansion ratee
        Germ tubes2.6 μm2 min−129
        Mature hyphae8.1 μm2 min−129
    Wall proteins
        Surface density2.8 × 104 μm−2
        Incorporation rate
            Germ tubes7.3 × 104 min−1
            Mature hyphae2.3 × 105 min−1
  • a Assumed to be equal to the value obtained for S. cerevisiae (88, 89).

  • b Based on an average protein mass of 52,728 (466 amino acids) as determined for S. cerevisiae (2) (BN105224).

  • c Based on a generation time of 90 min and linear growth during that period.

  • d Based on the ratios of β-1,3-glucan and β-1,3-glucan as determined in reference 62.

  • e Surface expansion rate (μm2 min−1) = π × diameter × (hyphal elongation rate).