Macromolecular compositions of the walls of haploid yeast cells of S. cerevisiae and diploid yeast cells of C. albicans grown in rich medium at 30°C (62)

ComponentS. cerevisiaeaC. albicansa
    Protein (%)4.03.5
    Mannan (%)34.226.6
Mannan/protein ratio8.67.6
β-Glucanb (%)60.364.0
β-1,3-Glucan/β-1,6-glucan ratio3.82.5
Chitin (%)1.44.2
  • a The wall dry weight of S. cerevisiae is ∼21% of the total biomass (67). For C. albicans yeast cells, the same value is assumed.

  • b β-1,3-Glucan plus β-1,6-glucan.