Table 1

Structural components of fungal, cyst, and oocyst walls

Molecule(s)Structural component(s)
SaccharomycesEntamoebaGiardiaToxoplasma (oocyst)Cryptosporidium
Sugar polymer(s)Chitin, β-1,3-glucanChitinβ-1,3-GalNAcβ-1,3-GlucanNone
LipidsNoneNoneNoneAcid-fast lipidsAcid-fast lipids
ProteinsGlucanase, chitinase, dityrosines (spores), ∼100 proteins with modified GPI anchorsChitinase, Jacob lectin, Jessie lectinCWP1 to CWP3 (GalNAc-binding lectins)Glucanase, Tyr-rich proteins, Cys- and His-rich OWPs, Cys-rich repeat proteinCys- and His-rich OWPs, POWPs, Ser- and Thr-rich tethers
Abundant glycansMannans (high-mannose N-glycans), Man-rich O-glycansDextran-like O-P-glycans, N-glycans with galactoseVery short N-glycansGalNAc- and fucose-rich O-glycansGalNAc- and fucose-rich O-glycans