Table 1

Whole-genome sequencing data for NF54, C9, and the complemented parasite linesa

CloneChromosomePositionPresence of piggyBac insertionGeneEpisomal complementationNo. of unique SNPsSNP genes
C913271000YesPF3D7_1305500No2PF3D7_0704000, PF3D7_0730300
E313271000YesPF3D7_1305500Yes2PF3D7_0704000, PF3D7_0730300
E813271000YesPF3D7_1305500Yes2PF3D7_0704000, PF3D7_0730300
  • a A single SNP in the putative clathrin coat assembly protein AP180 was present in all samples. This experiment also validated that the complementation of C9 was episomal.