Table 1

Strains used in this study

Strain nameLaboratory file no.GenotypeaOrigin, cross, and/or transformationb
{+++}cWT74TRK1 TRK2 HAK1FGSC 4200a/2489A (WT74-OR23-IVA)
{Δ++}Nc06449trk1::hphd TRK2 HAK1FGSC 12678a/12679A (NCU06449)
{+Δ+}Nc02456TRK1 trk2::hph HAK1FGSC 1612A (NCU02456)
{++Δ}Nc00790TRK1 TRK2 hak1::hphFGSC 13815a/13816A(NCU00790)
{+++ tok1Δ}Nc12045TRK1 TRK2 HAK1 tok1::hphFGSC 12045A
{+ΔΔ}KAR6TRK1 trk2::hph hak1::hphFrom {++Δ} × {ΔΔ+}
{Δ+Δ}KAR12trk1::hph TRK2 hak1::hphFrom {++Δ} × {ΔΔ+}
{ΔΔ+}KAR8trk1::hph trk2::hph HAK1From {Δ++} × {+Δ+}
{ΔΔΔ}KAR5trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hphFrom {++Δ} × {ΔΔ+}
{ΔΔΔ tok1Δ}KAR117-1-28trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hph tok1::hphFrom {ΔΔΔ} × {+++ tok1Δ}
{+++ mus}e9718TRK1 TRK2 HAK1FGSC 9718a
{+Δ+ mus}KAR106TRK1 trk2::hph HAK1From {ΔΔΔ} × {+++ mus}
{+ΔΔ mus}KAR15TRK1 trk2::hph hak1::hphFrom {ΔΔΔ} × {+++ mus}
{ΔΔ+ mus}KAR81trk1::hph trk2::hph HAK1From {ΔΔΔ} × {+++ mus}
{ΔΔΔ mus}KAR75trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hphFrom {ΔΔΔ} × {+++ mus}
{+++ mus his-3}9717TRK1 TRK2 HAK1 his3FGSC 9717A
{ΔΔΔ mus his-3}KAR79trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hph his3From {ΔΔΔ mus} × {+++ mus his-3}
{TRK1-HA}KAR77TRK1-HA trk2::hph hak1::hphTransform {ΔΔΔ mus}
{HA-HAK1}KAR105trk1::hph trk2::hph HA-HAK1Transform {ΔΔΔ mus}
{TRK1-HA HA-HAK1}KAR108TRK1-HA trk2::hph HA-HAK1From {TRK1-HA} × {HA-HAK1}
{TRK1-HA HAK1}KAR109TRK1-HA trk2::hph HAK1From {ΔΔ+ mus} × {TRK1-HA}
{TRK1 HA-HAK1}KAR110TRK1 trk2::hph HA-HAK1From {+ΔΔ mus} × {HA-HAK1}
{NcppTRK1}fKAR101trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hph his-3::pPMA1-TRK1Transform {ΔΔΔ mus his-3}
{NcppHAK1}KAR100trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hph his3::pPMA1-HAK1Transform {ΔΔΔ mus his-3}
{NcppTRK1-HA}NTH3trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hph his3::pPMA1-TRK1-HATransform {ΔΔΔ mus his-3}
{NcppHA-HAK1}KAR107trk1::hph trk2::hph hak1::hph his3::pPMA1-HA-HAK1Transform {ΔΔΔ mus his-3}
{NcppTRK1 HA-HAK1}KAR115trk1::hph trk2::hph HA-HAK1 his3::pPMA1-TRK1From {NcppTRK1} × {HA-HAK1}
{NcppHAK1 TRK1-HA}KAR114TRK1-HA trk2::hph hak1::hph his3::pPMA1-HAK1From {TRK-HA} × {NcppHAK1}
  • a Potassium transporter genes were under the control of their respective native promoters, except in the six strains denoted by Ncpp.

  • b Six strains (marked FGSC) were obtained from the Fungal Genetics Stock Center (Kansas City, MO), for which the three single-gene deletion strains (NCU06449, NCU02456, and NCU00790) were constructed by the Neurospora Genome consortium (25). All other strains were made in this laboratory, either by transformations or by crosses going back to the FGSC strains.

  • c Curly brackets denote strain names by the critical gene constructs.

  • d hph is a gene for hygromycin B phosphotransferase, conferring resistance to hygromycin B.

  • e All strains from here downward also carry mus51::bar (bar is a gene conferring resistance to the herbicide bialaphos).

  • f Ncpp indicates pPMA1, a strong promoter that is native to the Neurospora plasma membrane H+-pumping ATPase.