Table 2

Apicoplast DNA levels from qPCR and Southern blotting

StrainMean ratioaDecrease (%)bP valuecSouthern normalization (%)d
Parental, untreated21.35 ± 2.83100.0
Parental, treated10.46 ± 6.5051.00.14538.4
Δhu mutant2.15 ± 0.5189.90.0032.4
  • a Mean ratio of copy number of apicoplast DNA to copy number of nuclear DNA from quantitative PCR analysis.

  • b Relative to untreated parental DNA samples.

  • c P values were calculated using Student's t test, comparing mean ratios to untreated parental samples.

  • d Apicoplast band intensities on Southern blot were normalized to nuclear band intensities and expressed as a percentage of untreated parental levels.