Table 1

S. pombe and S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeReference or source
Schizosaccharomyces pombe
    ARC039h leu1-32 ura4-C190TNBRPa
    ARC001h leu1-32NBRPa
    gsf2Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T gsf2::ura422
    pvg1Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T pvg1::ura422
    pvg2Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T pvg2::ura4This study
    pvg3Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T pvg3::ura4This study
    mbx2Δ/pvg4Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T mbx2/pvg4::ura4This study
    pvg5Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T pvg5::ura4This study
    lkh1Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T lkh1::ura422
    lkh1Δ mbx2Δh leu1-32 ura4-C190T lkh1 mbx2/pvg4::ura4This study
    gsf1h leu1-32 ura4-C190T41
    gsf1 mbx2Δgsf1 mbx2/pvg4::ura4This study
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    BY4742MATa leu2D0 ura3D0 his3D1 met15D0NBRPa
    flo1ΔMATa leu2D0 ura3D0 his3D1 met15D0 flo1::kanMX4Open Biosystems
    flo10ΔMATa leu2D0 ura3D0 his3D1 met15D0 flo10::kanMX4Open Biosystems
    flo11ΔMATa leu2D0 ura3D0 his3D1 met15D0 flo11::kanMX4Open Biosystems
  • a These strains were obtained from the Yeast Genetic Resource Center of Japan, which is supported by the National BioResource Project (NBRP).