Table 3.

Candidate bradyzoite-secreted factors chosen for further investigation

Probe setGene IDGene nameDescriptionAvg expressionaFold changeb
2dT4dB21dB4dB vs 2dT21dB vs 2dT21dB vs 4dB
52.m01578_atTGME49_053330BPK1Kinase domain5.
25.m01822_atTGME49_008730MCP4MAR domain5.
  • a 4dB, 4-dpi bradyzoites; 21dB, 21-dpi bradyzoites; 2dB, 2-dpi tachyzoites. Average normalized glog-transformed expression values.

  • b Fold change calculated from glog mean expression values back-transformed to the original scale (see Materials and Methods) and shown only where values are significantly different (P < 0.05). —, fold change not significant.