Table 2.

Virulence of C. albicans strains in a mouse model of hematogenously disseminated infection

C. albicans strainaRelevant genotypeMSTbD/TcSurvival range (days)
CAF2-1SCH9/SCH9 ura3/URA35.512/122–8
CCS3sch9/sch9 ura3/URA327*7/127 to >60
CCS4sch9/sch9 ura3/ura3 LEU2/ leu2::[ACT1p-SCH9 URA3]712/122–10
  • a CD1 mice were infected intravenously with 1 × 106 C. albicans cells.

  • b Median survival time (in days). *, P < 0.01 (mutant versus wild-type strain CAF2-1).

  • c Number of dead mice (D) at 60 days over the total number of animals infected (T).