Table 1.

Yeast strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeReference or source
C. albicans
    CAI4 ura3Δ::λimm434/ura3Δ::λimm434 19
    BWP17 ura3Δ::λimm434/ura3Δ::λimm434 his1::hisG/his1::hisG arg4::hisG/arg4::hisG 50
    SKY35CAI4 and RP10::URA3This study
    SKY36BWP17 and hisG::HIS1This study
    SKY38BWP17 and PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARS 25
    SKY39SKY38 and his1::HIS1This study
    SKY40CAI4 and PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY41BWP17 and PADH1-FLAG-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY42BWP17 and RP10::URA3 PADH1-FLAG-yEmRFPThis study
    SKY43BWP17 and PADH1-yEGFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY51BWP17 and RP10::URA3 PADH1-yEmRFPThis study
    SKY52CAI4 and RP10::URA3 PADH1-yEmRFPThis study
    GSC1(+/−/−)CAI4 and gsc1Δ::hisG/gsc1Δ::hisG-URA3-hisG/GSC1 33
    CAP1-3121CAI4 and pmt1Δ::hisG/pmt1Δ::hisG 33
    CAP1-31CAI4 and PMT1/pmt1Δ::hisG 46
    P2-22CAI4 and PMT2/pmt2Δ::hisG 46
    CAP4-21CAI4 and PMT4/pmt4Δ::hisG 46
    CAP4-2162CAI4 and pmt4Δ::hisG/pmt4Δ::hisG 46
    NGY205CAI4 and och1ΔΔ::hisG/och1Δ::hisG 3
    SKY54CAI4 and pmt1Δ::hisG/pmt1Δ::hisG PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY55CAI4 and PMT1/pmt1Δ::hisG PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY56CAI4 and PMT2/pmt2Δ::hisG PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY57CAI4 and PMT4/pmt4Δ::hisG PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY58CAI4 and pmt4Δ::hisG/pmt4Δ::hisG PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY53CAI4 and och1Δ::hisG/och1Δ::hisG PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
S. cerevisiae
    SEY6210 MATα ura3-52 his3-Δ200 leu2-3,112 trp1-Δ901 lys2-801 suc2-Δ9 41
    JPY12SEY6210 and mnn10Δ::LEU2 13
    VMY2SEY6210 and hoc1Δ::LEU2 35
    BY4741 MAT a his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 met15Δ0 ura3Δ0Open Biosystems
    YLR342WBY4742 and fks1Δ::KanrOpen Biosystems
    YBR023CBY4742 and chs3Δ::KanrOpen Biosystems
    YNL322CBY4742 and kre1Δ::KanrOpen Biosystems
    YPR159WBY4742 and kre6Δ::KanrOpen Biosystems
C. glabrata
    BG88b his3Δ(1 + 631) ura3Δ(−85 + 932)::Tn903 Neor 12
    SKY60BG88b and PADH1-yEmRFP-URA3-ARSThis study
    SKY61BG88b and PADH1-yEGFP-URA3-ARSThis study