Table 3.

Mouse infection assay

Yeast strainSurvival timea (days)Fungal loadb (CFU/g tissue)
SKY40 (CAI4 Ura+ yEmRFP)2–38 × 105
SKY35 (CAI4 Ura+)2–35 × 105
  • a The survival time is based on averaged results of three separate experiments, using six mice.

  • b Fungal load was determined by counting the number of viable yeast cells recovered from kidney homogenates. Kidneys (n = 6) were weighed prior to mechanical homogenization. CFU represents the number of colonies per gram of tissue and was determined by plating serial dilutions of kidney homogenates on YPAD plates and counting the number of colonies that grew after 2 days of incubation at 30°C.