Table 4.

C. albicans genes upregulated during colonization of the cecum and invasion of host tissue

Function or locationGenesa
Adhesion ALS10 , ALS1, SUN41, ECE1
Response to chemical stimuli PHR1 , TOS1, GAL10, SOD5
Transporter HGT1 , ENA2, COR1, PHO84, PHO89, FRP2, FRP3, CDR1, CAN2,DIP5, ORF19.1172, ORF19.2292
Cell surface IHD1 , PLB4, PGA7, PGA54
Metabolic activity ADH5, MLS1, ENO1, PCK1, IDP2, CTN3, FAA4
Miscellaneous GAC1, PPQ1, AFG3, MRK1 (RIM11), POL93, ADR1, PRB2, VPS21
UnknownORF19.2659, ORF19.3902, ORF19.5848, ORF19.2515, ORF19.6688, ORF19.6169, ORF19.3713
  • a Underlined genes are upregulated in laboratory-grown hyphae (19, 25) and as presented in the Candida Genome Database ( ).