Table 3.

Comparison of C. albicans gene expression during commensal colonization of the cecum and during candidiasis

Gene type and conditionNo. of genesNo. of genesP c No. of filtered upregulated genesdFiltered overlap (no. of genes)dFiltered P valued
Overlap expectedaOverlap observedbExpectedObserved
Upregulated genes
    Kidneye352261 × 10−56312203 × 10−42
    Liver, 5 hf16711246 × 10−4145915NS
    Thrushg493154 × 10−1037281 × 10−3
Downregulated genes
    Kidneye37391 × 10−3
    Liver, 5 hf928202 × 10−4
  • a Calculated as: (total genes) × (frequency upregulated in cecum) × (frequency upregulated under the indicated condition).

  • b That is, cecum upregulated genes that were also upregulated under the indicated condition.

  • c That is, the P value determined by the chi-square test.

  • d Filtering to remove genes that were upregulated in hyphal cells was performed using the data of Goyard et al. (19) or Kadosh et al. (25). NS, not significant.

  • e According to Walker et al. (65).

  • f According to Thewes et al. (60).

  • g According to Zakikhany et al. (67).