Table 1.

Proteins identified in TbPRMT6-MHT eluatesa

Protein group and designation in GeneDBNo. of unique peptidesProtein description
Nucleocytoplasmic transport proteins
    Tb09.211.47802TbNup82, putative
    Tb10.61.26303Protein transport protein Sec13, putative
    Tb10.6k15.36703TbNup96, putative
    Tb11.03.01405TbNup158, putative
    Tb927.2.42305NUP-1 protein, putative
    Tb927.3.31804TbNup98, putative
    Tb927.4.28804TbNup149, putative
    Tb10.61.10902Histone H3 variant, putative
    Tb10.496.03306Histone H2B, putative
    Tb11.02.52502Histone H2B variant, putative
    Tb927.1.24302Histone H3, putative
    Tb927.2.26704Histone H4, putative
    Tb927.5.41706Histone H4, putative
    Tb927.7.28202Histone H2A, putative
Flagellar proteins
    Tb09.211.45113Kinetoplastid membrane protein KMP-11
    Tb10.61.21302ATP-dependent DEAD/H RNA helicase, putative (TbDed1p)
    Tb927.8.45802Hypothetical protein, conserved
    Tb927.8.47802Hypothetical protein, conserved
  • a TbPRMT6-MHT was purified by tandem affinity chromatography, and resulting eluates were analyzed by mass spectrometry. The sequences for the peptides identified were compared to known sequences in the annotated trypanosome database GeneDB ( ). The identified proteins were further categorized based on their known or putative functions. The number of unique peptides identified for each protein is shown. Proteins for which only one peptide was identified were excluded from the analysis.