Table 1.

Compilation of small abundant mitochondrial RNAs in Amoebozoa

5S rRNA-like molecule or sequenceSpeciesDiscovery methodEvidence for expressionEvidence for ribosome associationGenBank accession no. (nt coordinates)
5S rRNA A. castellanii Exptl 3 3 U12386.1 (10083–10201)
hveRNA H. vermiformis ExptlThis reportThis report GU828005 (51412–51535)
ppoRNA P. polycephalum ExptlThis reportThis report AB027295.1 b (53178–53273)
dniRNA D. nigripes Same genomic position as in PhysarumNDaND AF059034.1 (11–110)
ddiRNA D. discoideum Exptl 24 Ambiguous AB000109.1 (22027–22155)
dciRNA D. citrinum Sequence similarity to ddirnaNDND DQ336395.4 (22967–23095)
dfaRNA D. fasciculatum Sequence similarity to ddirnaNDND EU275727.1 (24706–24838)
dmuRNA D. mucoroides Sequence similarity to ddirnaNDND D61390.1 (348–477)
ppaRNA-CK8 P. pallidum CK8Sequence similarity to ddirnaNDND AY700145.1 (3373–3506)
ppaRNA-PN500 P. pallidum PN500Sequence similarity to ddirnaNDND EU275726.1 (24332–24464)
  • a ND, not determined.

  • b Preedited (genomic) sequence.