Table 2.

P. marneffei strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeSource or reference
2161Wild typeJ. Pitt (CSIRO Food industries), ATCC 18224
SPM4niaD1 pyrG17
33.4.2niaD1 pyrG1 [AnpyrG]S. Zuber and A. Andrianopoulos, unpublished data
41.2.14-3niaD1 pyrG1 ΔareAH. E. Bugeja, M. J. Hynes, and A. Andrianopoulos, unpublished data
44.1.2niaD1 pyrG1 rfxA/ΔrfxA::AnpyrGThis study
49.3.1niaD1 pyrG1 ΔareA areA+::xylPp::rfxA::trpCtThis study
49.4.1niaD1 pyrG1 ΔareA areA+::xylPp::rfxAΔ1673-2566::trpCtThis study
55.2.1niaD1 pyrG1 ΔareA areA+::xylPp::rfxA1-1256::GFP::rfxA1256-1::trpCtThis study
56.4.4niaD1 pyrG1 ΔareA areA+::xylPp::rfxAΔ721-1099::trpCtThis study