Median body volume is dynamic and significantly reduced after induction of the rigor mutant kinesin-13 (S280N)

Cell groupAvg ± SDa
Median body vol (μm3)Cell vol (μm3)Median body vol/cell vol ratio
Uninduced16.80 ± 6.34 (10)253.91 ± 85.83 (10)0.07 ± 0.02* (10)
Induced for 48 h8.13 ± 6.68 (12)185.13 ± 46.34 (12)0.04 ± 0.02* (12)
  • a Median body volume (μm3) was measured as described in Materials and Methods for both induced and uninduced cells (using the same cells measured for axoneme length). The average total cell volumes, average median body volumes, and ratios of median body volume to normalized total cell volume are reported. We also report the standard deviations of the mean, followed by the total number of cells measured in parentheses. Median body volumes decrease by ca. 42% by 48 h postinduction of the kinesin-13 (S280N) episomal construct. Asterisks denote highly statistically significant median body volume differences (as determined by using a two-tailed Student t test with unequal variances).