Strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeSource or reference
SC5314Wild type 19
CAI4Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 17
HB-12As CAI4, but with plasmid p1902GFP integrated at the HWP1 locus 29
E-15As CAI4, but with plasmid pENO1GFP3 integrated at the ENO1 locus 72
CKFY254Δpfy1::HIS3pfy1::HIS3P. Chua, Cytokinetics, Inc.
CKFY354Δbnr1::URA3bnr1::URA3P. Chua, Cytokinetics, Inc.
MWY1As SC5314, but Δbni1::FRTbni1::NAT1This study
SMC7A/-7B cdc42-1::FRT/cdc42-2::FRT ACT1/act1::FRT-CDC42-MPAR-FRT sap2-1::PSAP2-1-ecaFLP/SAP2-2 50
SMC8A cdc42-1::FRT/CDC42-2 ACT1/act1::FRT-CDC42-MPAR-FRT sap2-1::PSAP2-1-ecaFLP/SAP2-2 50
AV03Δura3ura3 cdc42::hisG/cdc42-E100G::URA3 78
EPDE2-3As CAI4, but Δeno1::ENOp-PDE2-URA3/ENO1 6
MWY2As SC5314, but Δmea1::FRTmea1::NAT1This study
MWY3As SC5314, but Δsrv2::FRTsrv2::NAT1This study