Classification of repeat-containing A. fumigatus ORFs

GeneFunctionaETANDEM scoreRepeat size (bp)No. of repeats% ConservationbAllelic variabilityc
ORFs with a leader and GPI anchor consensus sequence
    Afu2g05150MP-2 antigenic galactomannoprotein301391093.6+
    Afu4g09600Conserved hypothetical292198391.2+
    Afu6g14090CFEMd domain protein13464079.2+
    Afu4g03240MP-1 antigenic galactomannoprotein72123859.2
    Afu3g00270Glucanase (Bg12p-like)4645764.4
    Afu1g16190Glucanase (Crfl-like)4539458.5
    Afu3g00880Conserved hypothetical4218870.8
    Afu2g07800GPI-anchored protein35121463.7
ORFs with leader sequence only
    Afu1g01020NACHTe domain protein929991487.1
    Afu2g18090Conserved hypothetical402481289.1
    Afu7g08500Tenascin-like glycoproteinf250126497.3ND
    Afu6g06670Conserved hypothetical113151285.6+
    Afu8g00630Conserved hypothetical7624684.7
    Afu8g07170Conserved hypothetical72153374.5
    Afu5g11300OTU-likeg cysteine protease67255281.6
ORFs without leader and GPI anchor consensus sequence
    Afu7g07100NACHT domain protein1,0321261191.8ND
    Afu7g08290WDh repeat protein670126889.5+
    Afu4g10350Polyubiquitin (UbiD)302228388.7
    Afu8g06150Sensor histidine kinasef232122492.4+
    Afu6g09360Conserved hypothetical22672684.5+
  • a Based on annotation provided by CADRE ( ) unless specified otherwise.

  • b Percent conservation between repeats.

  • c Presence (+) or absence (−) of variability of a gene in isolates. Two genes were not detected (ND) in the majority of isolates by PCR.

  • d CFEM is an eight cysteine-containing domain. CFEM-containing proteins are proposed to have important roles in fungal pathogenesis (15).

  • e NACHT, predicted nucleoside triphosphatase domain (14).

  • f Based on BlastP results with an E value of <10−10.

  • g OTU, ovarian tumor.

  • h WD-40 repeats coordinate the binding of multiprotein complex assemblies (18).