Strains used in this study

CD16-1h+/h ade6-M210/ade6-M216 cyh1/+ +/lys5-391C. Shimoda
CD16-5h/h ade6-M210/ade6-M216 cyh1/+ +/lys5-391C. Shimoda
TP4-5Ah ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18C. Shimoda
TP4-1Dh+ ade6-M216 his2 leu1-32 ura4-D18C. Shimoda
AO24h ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+This study
AO28h+ ade6-M216 his2 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+This study
AO89h/h ade6-M210/ade6-M216 ura4-D18/ura4-D18 leu1-32/leu1-32 pat1-114/pat1-114 mcp3::[mcp3+-9myc-3′UTR-LEU2]/mcp3::[mcp3+-9myc-3UTR-LEU2] mcp4::[mcp4-3ha-3UTR-ura4+]/mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+]This study
AO64h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+]This study
AO00h90 leu1-32 pRGT41-mcp4+This study
YN68h90 leu1::[gfp-psy1+-leu1+]C. Shimoda
AO185h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+] meu14::ura4+This study
AO187h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+] meu14::meu14+-gfpThis study
AO192h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 (or +) mcp4::[mcp4-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+] crn1+-gfp::kanMX6This study
AO189h90 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+ pRGT41-mcp4+This study
AO190h90 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+ pRGT41-mcp4ΔCThis study
AO125h90 leu1::gfp-psy1+ ura4-D18 (or +) mcp4::ura4+This study
AO181h90 leu1-32 pRGT41-mcp4ΔCThis study
FY13596ah90 crn1+-gfp::Kanr ade6-M210 leu1-32YGRC/NBRP
AO168h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 pREP1-rer1+-cfp ura4-D18 pRGT2-mcp4ΔCThis study
AO165h+ ade6-M216 leu1-32 his2 ura4-D18 lys3 cdc12 mcp4::ura4+This study
AO162h ade6-M210 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+This study
AO194h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+] pREP81-gfp-psy1This study
AO196h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+] spn6-gfp::KanrThis study
AO200h90 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-3ha-3′UTR-ura4+] cut15-gfp::LEU2This study
ST272h+ ade6-M210 his2 leu1-32 ura4-D18 lys3 cdc12Our stock
NP16-6Bh ade6-M216 ura4-D18Our stock
AO54h ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+This study
AO122h+ his2 leu1-32 ura4-D18 lys3 cdc12 mcp4::ura4+This study
MS105-1Bh ade6-M26 ura4-D18Our stock
MS111w1h+ ade6-469 ura4-D18 leu1-32 his2Our stock
TT8-1h ura4+Our stock
NP32-2Ah+ leu1-32 his2 ura4-D18Our stock
AO127h ade6-M26 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+This study
AO128h+ his2 ade6-469 ura4-D18 mcp4::ura4+This study
JZ670h/h ade6-M210/ade6-M216 ura4-D18/ura4-D18 leu1-32/leu1-32 pat1-114/pat1-114M. Yamamoto
AO115h/h ade6-M210/ade6-M216 ura4-D18/ura4-D18 leu1-32/leu1-32 pat1-114/pat1-114 mcp4::ura4+/mcp4::ura4+This study
AO56h90 ade6-M210 leu1-32 ura4-D18 mcp4::[mcp4+-gfp-3′UTR-ura4+]Our stock
  • a This strain was obtained from the Yeast Genetic Resource Center of Japan, supported by the National BioResource Project (YGRC/NBRP []).