Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidsConstructionaSource or reference
pAT11,000 bp upstream of alpA ORF (= LB) cloned into pCR2.1This work
pAT21,001 bp downstream of alpA ORF (= RB) cloned into pCR2.1This work
pAT3alpA-LB::N. crassa pyr-4::alpA-RB in pCS2.1This work
pCE05alcA::alpA::mRFP1 argB; gateway construct of pMT0126; this work
pCE06alcA::alpA::GFP argB; gateway construct of pMT-sGFP26; this work
pCE08alcA(p)::GFP::alpA pyr4; 1 kb of alpA with AscI und PacI inserted into pMCB17apx27; this work
pCR2.1-TOPOCloning vectorInvitrogen
pCS1N. crassa pyr-4 selectable marker as NotI fragment in pUMA208This work
pPND1Rigor mutant of KipB for staining MTs, alcA(p)::mRFP1::kipBrigor21
pMCB17apxpMCB17 version for fusion of GFP to N termini of proteins of interest27
pJW18Red nuclei, alcA(p)::mRFP1::stuAJ. Warmbold, Marburg, Germany
  • a ORF, open reading frame.