A. nidulans strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeaSource or reference
GR5pyrG89 wA3 pyroA428
GFP-NudApyrG89 wA2 pyroA4 ΔnudA::pyr4 alcA(p)::GFP::nudA::pyr46
GFP-NudFpyrG89 wA2 pyroA4 ΔnudF::pyr4 alcA(p)::GFP::nudF::pyr46
RMS011pabaA1 yA2 ΔargB::trpCΔB trpC80125
SCE01SJW02 transformed with pCE05; wA3 ΔargB::trpCΔB pyroA4 alcA(p)::alpA::mRFP1 alcA(p)::GFP::tubAThis work
SCE05SRF200 transformed with pCE08; ΔargB::trpCΔB pyroA4 alcA(p)::GFP::alpA (single homologous integration)This work
SCE10SRF200 transformed with pCE06; pyrG89 ΔargB::trpCΔB pyroA4 alcA(p)::alpA::GFPThis work
SCE12SRF200 transformed with pCE06, pJW18, and pPND1; alcA(p)::mRFP1::stuA alcA(p)::alpA::GFP alcA(p)::mRFP::kipBrigorThis work
SCE35SSK44 transformed with pCE06; pabaA1 wA3 ΔargB::trpCΔB ΔkipA::pyr4 alcA(p)::alpA::GFP (single integration)This work
SCS13a/bTNO2A3 transformed with pAT3; pyrG89 pyroA4 argB2 ΔnkuA::argB ΔalpA::pyr4This work
SDV69fSNR1 transformed with pCE06; ΔkinA::pyr4 pyroA4 alcA(p)::GFP::alpA (single integration)This work
SDV83bSCS13 crossed with RMS011; pabaA1 yA2 pyrG89 ΔalpA::pyr4This work
SDV86SDV83b crossed with SJW02; pabaA1 yA2 pyrG89 alcA(p)::GFP::tubA ΔalpA::pyr4This work
SDV87SDV83b crossed with SSK92; pabaA1, yA2, pyrG89; alcA(p)::GFP::kipA ΔalpA::pyr4This work
SDV96TN02A3 transformed with pPND1 and pCE06; alcA(p)::mRFP1::kipBrigor alcA(p)::alpA::GFPThis work
SDV100SDV83 transformed with pGFP-NudA; ΔalpA alcA(p)::GFP::nudA (single integration)This work
SDV101SDV83 transformed with pGFP-NudF; ΔalpA alcA(p)::GFP::nudF (single integration)This work
SDV102SDV83 crossed to GFP-ClipA; ΔalpA alcA(p)::GFP::clipAThis work
SJW02wA3 pyroA4 alcA(p)::GFP::tubA ΔargB::trpCΔBJ. Warmbold, Marburg, Germany
AnKin26pyrG89 yA2 ΔargB::trpCΔB ΔkinA::pyr418
SRF200pyrG89 ΔargB::trpCΔB pyroA411
SSK44pabaA1 wA3 ΔargB::trpCΔB ΔkipA::pyr413
SSK92wA3 pyroA4 alcA(p)::GFP::kipA13
TNO2A3pyrG89 pyroA4 argB2 ΔnkuA::argB16
SNR1ΔargB::trpCΔB pyroA4 ΔkinA::pyr418
ΔclipApyrG89 wA3 ΔclipA::pyroA2
SAD1cSSK44 crossed with SCS13; wA3 pyroA4 ΔkipA::pyr4 ΔalpA::pyr4This work
  • a Only relevant genotypes are indicated. All strains carry the veA1 mutation.