Oral C. albicans isolates from healthy volunteers

CodeaResidencebCurr. res. (mo)cGeo. area (mo)cTravel (wks/yr)dABC typeMAT locusCladeeDSTfGenotype designation for indicated genef
1-21Savoy20207.1A a12425522245
1-39Atwood1565160A a12425522245
1-5Mahomet4884NAA a1662352265
1-221Champaign24841A a1662352265
2-117A a1662352265
1-24Tolono108>1083A a1692552265
1-25Tolono108>1083A a1692552265
1-93Champaign156>1561A a1692552265
1-151Champaign81282A a1692552265
1-161Champaign36962A a1692552265
1-216Urbana24244A a1692552265
1-155Champaign12122A a1792559265
1-177*Champaign12120A a11032362265
1-95Champaign12>121A a11843552265
1-107Tolono72>720.5A a118525592245
2-138A a12772252265
1-86Springfield1801806A a141723522245
1-238Urbana1801801A a1426255221065
1-204Champaign10104A a15728552265
1-44Rantoul30303A a193922242245
1-23*Urbana601804A a11087*23576*2205
1-52Urbana313112A a11088*2559224146*
1-54Champaign240>2402A a11089*2369265
1-110Rantoul36>361A a11091*23622649
1-139Normal132>1321A a11092*25525065
1-163Champaign36362A a11093*101*5522612
1-197Fisher3604321A a11116*13252265
1-92Champaign1802040.5A a11117*23522175*147*
2-210A a11131*269*52265
2-215A a11133*2552255
1-203*Savoy12122A a21096*354144444
1-246*Sidney72724A a21096*354144444
1-234Champaign48481A a21098*3544254354
2-237A a/a 21134*352144444
1-32*Champaign20684B a3236131015673212
1-226*Tuscola360>3600B a3344131015673715
1-120*Champaign72726B a3476131015473715
1-132*Champaign11118.5B a372613715673715
1-233*Mahomet324372NAB a395713715673215
1-19*St. Joseph1203600B a31085*1310156583715
1-55*Champaign48721B a31090*1371567555
1-171**Champaign36364B a31115*137156127*14015
2-175*B a31130*13714675515
2-231*B a4124814847108
2-212*B a51132*422618645315
1-237Urbana36360.5A a71099*631012125*4612
1-28Champaign20201B a866633143827812215
2-74B a866633143827812215
1-20Mahomet1562041B a81086*333382784715
1-190St. Joseph93961B a81095*33143827812222
2-127*A a11461601021171115
2-213*B a111056601021571115
1-18**St. Joseph1203600A aSing.1084*1324112347627
1-225Bloomington12362A aSing.1097*132653935312
  • a Strains coded with a “1-” prefix were collected from volunteers recruited at the CVM Open House. Strains coded with a “2-” prefix were collected from pet owners in an attempt to collect matched sets of isolates from humans and their pets. The pet owners did not provide information about their residence or travel habits. Strains marked with one asterisk are missing one ALS5 allele; both ALS5 alleles are missing in strains marked with two asterisks.

  • b Approximate residential locations are noted. City names match those on the map in Fig. 1. Pet owners (strain code 2) were not asked to provide information about their residence or travel habits.

  • c Volunteers indicated the amount of time at their current residence (curr. res.) as well as the location of their previous residence and amount of time lived there. This information was used to determine the number of months the individual spent in the geographic area of study. In many instances, the amount of time at the previous residence was not specified. Individuals whose current and previous residence was in the geographic area of study, but who did not specify length of time at the previous residence are reported as more than the time spent at the current residence.

  • d NA, not answered in the question-naire.

  • e Sing., singleton; could not be assigned to a currently defined clade.

  • f DSTs and genotype designations were determined from comparisons between experimental sequences and the MLST database at . Asterisks indicate new DSTs and genotypes that were identified in this study.