Proteins used as markers for organelles

N. crassa geneLocusProteinHomolog in S. cerevisiae
grp-78 NCU03982Endoplasmic reticulum-associated HSPKar2p
dpm NCU07965Endoplasmic reticulum dolichol-phosphate mannosyltransferaseDpm1p
vps-52 NCU05273Golgi body-associated retrograde proteinVps52p
vam-3 NCU06777Vacuole-associated SNARE proteinVam3p
vma-1 NCU01207Subunit A of vacuolar ATPaseVma1p
vma-5 NCU09897Subunit C of vacuolar ATPaseVma5p
arg-4 NCU10468Mitochondrial acetylornithine-glutamate transacetylaseArg7p
H1 NCU06863Histone H1Hho1p
hpo NCU04018Chromosomal protein HP1-a
  • a See reference 25.