List of strains used in this study

Clone no.Genotype of strainReference
C1037 sre1Δ::NEO Chang. et al. (3)
C1051 sre1Δ::NEO SRE1Chang. et al. (3)
C1052 sre1Δ::NEO pYCC744aChang. et al. (3)
C813 scp1Δ::NEOThis study
C1046 scp1Δ::NEO SCP1This study
C1044 scp1Δ::NEO pYCC744This study
C730 sfb2* b This study
C906 sfb2Δ::NEOThis study
C1095 sfb2Δ::NEO SFB2This study
C1097 sfb2Δ::NEO pYCC744This study
C1110 stp1Δ::NEOThis study
C1295 stp1Δ::NEO STP1This study
C1302 stp1Δ::NEO pYCC744This study
C743 kap123* Ingavale et al. (18)
C1313 kap123Δ::NEOThis study
C1328 kap123Δ::NEO KAP123This study
C1330 kap123Δ::NEO pYCC744This study
C768 gsk3* This study
C1233 gsk3Δ::NEOThis study
C1276 gsk3Δ::NEO GSK3This study
C1274 gsk3Δ::NEO pYCC744This study
C697 rsp5* Ingavale et al. (18)
C1127 rsp5 RSP5 This study
C1129 rsp5 pYCC744This study
C778 dam1* This study
C1108 dam1Δ::NEOThis study
C1120 dam1Δ::NEO DAM1This study
C1134 dam1Δ::NEO pYCC744This study
  • a pYCC744 denotes the strains that were transformed with empty vector.

  • b *, strain isolated from the T-DNA insertion library.