Overrepresented functional categories of C. albicans genes whose transcript levels were decreased in response to FaDu oral epithelial cellsa

TimeGO termP valueGenes annotated to the term
45 minBiological adhesion0.04ALS1, ALS3, ALS9, MNT1, MP65, PDE1, RFX2, SAP6, SUN41
Ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis0.004DIP2, HCR1, MPP10, NIP7, RIA1, RLP24, RPB4, RPL3, RPP0, RPS15, RPS21, RPS5, RPS6A, RPS7A, RPS8A, TIF5, UTP20, YST1, orf19.1466, orf19.1833, orf19.2384, orf19.3481, orf19.4479, orf19.501, orf19.6197, orf19.7422
90 minProtein catabolic process0.006CDC48, DOG1, RAD16, RAD7, RPN4, SAP1, SAP6, orf19.6672
Biological adhesion0.02ALS3, HWP1, MNT1, SAP1, SAP6
180 minAdhesion to host0.008ALS3, ALS5, HWP1, TDH3
  • a The combined data from C. albicans strains CAI4-URA and 7392 were used this analysis.