A. nidulans strains used in this study

StrainaGenotypeSource or reference
TN02A3pyrG89; argB2 ΔnkuA::argB; pyroA422
RMS011pabaA1 yA2; ΔargB::trpCΔB; pyroA430
SRL1ΔkipA::pyr4; pyrG89; pyroA4kipA)16
SJW02wA3; ΔargB::trpCΔB; pyroA4; alcA(p)::GFP::tubA (GFP-MTs)6
SSK91SRF200 transformed with pSK76, ΔteaA::argB; pyrG89; ΔargB::trpCΔB; pyroA4teaA)16
SNT17pyrG89; wA3; alcA(p)::GFP::kipA-rigor (GFP-kipA-rigor)31
SNT49TN02A3 transformed with pNT28 [teaA(p)-mRFP1-teaA]31
SNT28TN02A3 transformed with pNT9 (GFP-sepA)31
SNT52SNT49 crossed to RMS011 [teaA(p)-mRFP1-teaA]31
SYH03TNO2A3 with pYH06 [alcA(p)-GFP-teaC]This study
SYH05TN02A3 transformed with pYH03 and pYH09 (YFPN-sepA and YFPC-teaC)This study
SYH06TN02A3 transformed with pYH01 and pYH09 (YFPN-teaA and YFPC-teaC)This study
SYH13SYH03 crossed to SNT52 [GFP-TeaC, teaA(p)-mRFP1-TeaA]This study
SYH17TN02A3 transformed with pYH30 [teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC]This study
SYH18SYH20 crossed to SNT28 [teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC and GFP-SepA]This study
SYH19SYH20 crossed to SSK91 [teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC and ΔteaA]This study
SYH20SYH17 crossed to RMS011 [teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC]This study
SYH21TN02A3 transformed with pYH14 (ΔteaC)This study
SYH22SYH20 crossed to SJW02 [GFP-MT and teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC]This study
SYH23SYH20 crossed to SNT17 [GFP-kipA rigor and teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC]This study
SYH24SYH21 crossed to SNT52 [teaA(p)-mRFP1-teaA and ΔteaC]This study
SYH25SYH17crossed to SRL1 [ΔkipA and teaC(p)-mRFP1-TeaC]This study
SYH26SYH28 crossed to SYH27 (mRFP1-TeaC and GFP-SepA)This study
SYH27TN02A3 transformed with pYH24 (mRFP1-TeaC)This study
SYH28RMS011 crossed to SNT28 (GFP-sepA)This study
  • a All strains are veA1.