Genes chosen for YFP tagging of Δku80

Toxodb gene IDaNameMass (kDa)Identified by:No. of Toxodb MS peptidesbLocalization
PredictedObserved (with YFP)ExpectedObserved
55.m00019ACP1950, 43Waller et al. (46)11ApicoplastApicoplast
50.m00004pCNA3560Guerini et al. (14)8NucleusNucleus
583.m00003ROP14875Ossorio et al. (28a)24RhoptriesRhoptries
641.m00002MIC338NAfZhou et al. (49)53MicronemesMicronemes
20.m03849PLP1113160Zhou et al. (49)16MicronemesMicronemes
65.m00002MIC526NAZhou et al. (49)21MicronemesSubapical
33.m00006M2AP35NAZhou et al. (49)72MicronemesSubapical
50.m00006HSP6061NAToursel et al. (41a)>100MitochondriaNo signal
44.m00004IMC170NAMann et al. (23)>100IMCNo signal
44.m00009P30/SAG130NAKasper et al. (18a)35SurfaceAnterior to nucleus
645.m00037Cathepsin protease L4770Putative MIC maturase2MVEc/lysosomeAnterior to nucleus puncta
83.m01237Chitinase-like72125Zhou et al. (49)11MicronemesMicronemes
83.m00006SPATR5895Kawase et al. (19)3ApicalMicronemes
20.m03858Hypothetical97130Invasion cell cycle9UnknownMicronemes
20.m03958Toxolysin 4256NAZhou et al. (49)26UnknownSubapical
49.m00054Hypothetical (dystroglycan dom.)101140, 100Zhou et al. (49)6UnknownSubapical
49.m03355Hypothetical1240Invasion cell cycle14UnknownApical tip/conoid
72.m00001Non-TM Ag [poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase]6285Invasion cell cycle49UnknownPVg
20.m03748C2 domain protein3355Invasion cell cycle9UnknownCytosolic
50.m00008Cathepsin protease B62NAQue et al. (30a)5RhoptriesNo signal
55.m04618Hypothetical (25 EGFd)172NAMIC-like domains1UnknownNo signal
8.m00176/8hHypothetical (4-PANe)39NAZhou et al. (49)2/12UnknownNo signal
80.m02161Hypothetical48NAInvasion cell cycle>100UnknownNo signal
  • a As of October 2008.

  • b Peptide(s) identified by mass spectroscopy according to Toxodb.

  • c MVE, multivesicular endosome.

  • d EGF, epidermal growth factor.

  • e Also known as Apple domains.

  • f NA, not applicable.

  • g PV, parasitophorous vacuole.

  • h Genes 8.m00176 and 8.m00178.