Prespore cell fate bias of G1-phase cells in chimerasa

Sample (marked cell:unmarked cell ratio, 1:9)% GFP-positive slug cells (mean ± SEM)% GFP-positive spores (mean ± SEM)
Ax4[act15/GFP] G1 cells + Ax4 G2 cells11 ± 2.410 ± 1.5
Ax4[act15/GFP] G2 cells + Ax4 G1 cells12 ± 2.21.2 ± 0.6
  • a G1-phase cells and G2-phase cells were prepared for development, mixed with G2 cells, and plated on agar. Ten percent of the GFP-marked cells were mixed with unmarked cells, and the mixture was plated on agar. Slugs or fruiting bodies (sori) were disaggregated, and GFP-positive cells (or spores) were determined by flow cytometry. The values are the means ± SEM of four determinations within a single experiment.