DNA synthesis during recovery from germination and during developmenta

Sample% Chromosomal DNA synthesis (mean ± SEM)% mtDNA synthesis (mean ± SEM)
Growing cells in growth medium100100
Vegetative cells developed on filters2.3 ± 2.264 ± 9.1
Vegetative cells developed on agar5.5 ± 5.264 ± 9.6
Germinated spores developed on filters<2.021 ± 4.7
Germinated spores developed on agar<2.013 ± 3.4
  • a The DNA synthesis that occurs during development was quantified from the BrdU incorporation experiments whose results are shown in Fig. 3. The results are expressed as a percentage of the BrdU incorporation into vegetative cells that had undergone one cell doubling in growth medium. Spores were allowed to germinate, recover in growth medium, and develop, all in the presence of BrdU.