Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeReference
BWP17 ura3Δ::λ imm434/ura3Δ::λ imm434 his1Δ::hisG/his1Δ::hisG arg4Δ::hisG/arg4Δ::hisG 57
PY47 cdc42Δ::HIS1/cdc42::URA3-PMETCDC42 arg4::hisG/arg4::hisG 7
PY82 ura3Δ::λ imm434/ura3Δ::λ imm434 his1::hisG/HIS1::his1::hisG arg4::hisG/URA3::ARG4::arg4::hisG 7
PY92Same as PY101 with RP10::ARG4 7
PY101 cdc24Δ::HIS1/cdc24::URA3-PMETCDC24 arg4::hisG/arg4::hisG 7
PY109Same as PY101 with RP10::ARG4-PADHCDC24GFPThis study
PY113Same as PY47 with RP10::ARG4-PADHCDC24GFPThis study
PY115Same as PY47 with RP10::ARG4-PADHCDC42This study
PY121Same as PY101 with RP10::ARG4-PADHCDC42This study
PY123Same as PY47 with RP10::ARG4This study
CaAs15 ura3/ura3 tec1Δ::hisG/tec1Δ::hisG 41