Expression of EST clones down- or upregulated with rapamycin, as well as the expression of GS-regulated genes under the same conditionsa

Cell functionAccession no.GeneHomologybExpressionc
Stress responseAM233688trx2Thioredoxin 2, Podospora anserina+−*
AM233689TPxPeroxiredoxin/thioredoxin peroxidase, Phanerochaete chrysosporium+×
AJ698900DDR48DNA damage-response protein, Saccharomyces cerevisiae+
AJ698914cipCProtein of unknown function, Aspergillus nidulans+
AM233690hsp70Heat shock protein 70-1, Fusarium graminearum+*
AM233691cphCyclophilin, peptidyl prolyl isomerase, Tolypocladium inflatum+*
Ribosome biogenesisAM233692RPL29Ribosomal protein L29, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AM233693RPS10Ribosomal protein S10, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AM233694RPLS9Ribosmal protein S9, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AM233695RPL14Ribosomal protein L14, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AM233696RPL19Ribosomal protein L19, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AM23369760L33-ARibosomal protein L33-A, Chaetomium globosum+*
AM233698RPS1840S ribosomal protein S18, Saccharomyces cerevisiae+*
AM23369940S1940S ribosomal protein S19, Fusarium graminearum+*
AM23370040S10-b40S ribosomal protein S10-b, Neurospora crassa+*
AM233701ubi1Ubiquitin/rib. S27a fusion protein, Neurospora crassa+*
AM23370260SL260S ribosomal protein L2, Neurospora crassa+*
AM23370360SL3460S ribosomal protein L34, Neurospora crassa+*
AM23370460SL3060S ribosomal protein L30, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AJ69891040S26EPutative 40S ribosomal protein S26E, Chaetomium globosum+
AM23370560SL2160S ribosomal protein L21, Aspergillus fumigatus+
AM233706mrhMitochondrial RNA helicase, Saccharomyces cerevisiae+
TranslationAJ698906eEF1aTranslation elongation factor+
AM233707eIF1ATranslation initiation factor 1A putative, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
AM233708eIF4AEukaryotic initiation factor 4A, Neurospora crassa+*
AM233709sui1Translation initiation factor SUI1, Aspergillus fumigatus+*
Cross-pathway controlcpc1Cross-pathway control protein++
AJ698905mbf1Cpc1 coactivator++
AutophagyAM233710idi4Autophagy related bZip factor, Podospora anserina++
AM233711idi7Idi4-dependent autophagy gene idi7, Podospora anserina++
Secondary metabolismY15013cps/ksGA biosynthetic gene+
AJ41749desGA biosynthetic gene+
AJ278141pks4Bikaverin biosynthetic gene+
AM233713fum18FUM18, fumonisin biosynthesis, Fusarium verticilloides+*
Nitrogen metabolismAM168272MepAAmmonium permease++
TranscriptionAM233714C6Putative C2H2 Zn finger domain protein, Aspergillus fumigatus++*
AM233715AcrC6 finger Acr2, Neurospora crassa+−*
AM233716C2H2Putative zinc finger, Candida albicans+−*
CytoskeletonAM233717TropoTropomyosin 1, Aspergillus fumigatus+/−
Energy/respiration/mitochondrial functionAM233718AacADP, ATP carrier protein, Fusarium graminearum×
AM233719NdkNucleosid-diphosphate kinase Neurospora crassa×
AM233720CytcCytochrome c, Fusarium graminearum×
AM233721cytb2Mitochondrial cytochrome b2, Aspergillus fumigatus+×
AM233722PhbPutative prohibitin, Aspergillus fumigatus+×
C-metabolismAM233723FMN-DhFMN-dependent dehydrogenase/lactate monooxygenase Aspergillus fumigatus+−*
AM233724PdcPyruvate decarboxylase, Aspergillus oryzae+×
AM233725PgkPhosphoglycerate kinase, Fusarium graminearum+×
AM233726hxt3Low-affinity hexose transporter, Neurospora crassa×
Sulfur metabolismAM233727APSkAdenylyl-sulfate kinase, Penicillium chrysogenum+
AM233728hyp. proteinHyp. protein, Mo-co oxidoreductase dimerization domain, Fusarium graminearum×
AM233729CSaseCysteine synthase, Fusarium graminearum+×
MetabolismAM233730AdhAlcohol dehydrogenase, Neurospora crassa+×
AM233731EthDUnknown protein involved in ETBE degradation, Rhodopseudomonas palustris+×
TOR relatedAM233732fpr1Gene encoding FKBP12, Saccharomyces cerevisiae+−*
AM23373914-3-314-3-3-like protein, Hypocrea jecorina+×
Drug relatedAM233733MATEMATE efflux family protein, Aspergillus fumigatus+−*
Ca2+ signalingAM233734CMDCalmodulin, Fusarium graminearum++*
AM233735calpainPALB, signaling protease, Aspergillus nidulans++*
ProteolysisAM233736AspAspartic protease, Botryotinia fuckeliana+×
EndocytosisAM233737ypt51Putative RAB GTPase Ypt51, Aspergillus fumigatus+−*
OthersAM233738BysBYS1 domain protein, Aspergillus fumigatus++*
  • a Designations of expressed sequence tags are as submitted to the NCBI. Expressed sequence tag clones found already to be regulated by GS since GS target genes have been named according to the study by Teichert et al. (65).

  • b That is, the sequence similarity from BlastX (NCBI). The homologous gene of the accordant organism is also indicated.

  • c That is, the expression level determined by threefold analysis of macroarray using ammonium nitrate as nitrogen source. Most expression levels of EST clones identified by macroarray analysis have been verified by Northern analysis for most of the genes. *, Marked differential expression levels have only been demonstrated to be regulated by macroarray analysis. In addition, the expression level in the ΔglnA strain is indicated. Symbols: +, expression was upregulated by the addition of rapamycin or in the ΔglnA mutant; −, expression was downregulated by the addition of rapamycin or in the ΔglnA mutant; ×, expression was not differentially regulated in the ΔglnA mutant.