Strains used in this work

StrainGenotypeMTLReference or source
3752 (RM1000)his1/his1 ura3/ura3a/α34
3842MFα1/mfα1::HIS1aThis work
3845mfα1::URA3-dp l200/mfα1::HIS1aThis work
3852mfα1::dpl200/mfα1::HIS1aThis work
3861 (3852α)mfα1::dpl200/mfα1::HIS1α/αThis work
3863 (3852a)mfα1::dpl200/mfα1::HIS1a/aThis work
3898 (3861)mfα1/mfα1 pGEMURA3/MFα1α/αThis work
3902 (3861)mfα1/mfα1 pGEMURA3/mfα1Δα/αThis work
3896 (CAI4 derivative)ahis3/his3::URA3a/aElitra Pharmaceuticals, Montreal, Canada
3897 (CAI4 derivative)ahis3/his3::URA3α/αElitra Pharmaceuticals
3142MTLa/mtlα1 mtlα2::hisG ura3/ura3a/a18
3716 (3142 derivative)a,bMTLa1 ura3/ura3a/aThis study
3144amtla1::URA3/MTLα ade2/ade2α/α18
3710ura3/ura3 his1/his1 arg5,6/arg5,6 (URA3 IMH3-1)ca/a28
3685ura3/ura3 his1/his1 arg5,6/arg5,6 (URA3 IMH3-1)cα/α28
3301kex2::hisG kex2::hisG ura3/ura3α/α35
3108kex2::hisG kex2::hisG ura3/ura3a/a35
3745(A505 derivative)a,btrp1/trp1 lys2/lys2a/a23
  • a The opaque cell type of this strain was used for this work. The strain was streaked on YEPD plates and incubated at room temperature to obtain the opaque cells.

  • b The strain was derived from the indicated parent by growth on minimal medium with sorbose as the sole carbon source.

  • c MPA-resistant strain.