Summary of microarray data showing the up-regulated and down-regulated genes of the ssk1 mutant.

Gene nameStanford nameAverage median ratioaDescriptionb
HSP12 orf6.16683.81 (8)Heat shock protein; oxidative stress (12kDa)
CHK1 orf6.79784.37 (19)Histidine kinase
GPH1 orf6.79473.22 (12)Glycogen phosphorylase regulated by Hog1p
MNN4-4 orf6.41274.44 (11)Mannosyl transferase; multiple-gene family member
FLO1 orf6.32884.40 (4)Flocculin; cell surface protein
PYC2 orf6.29893.61 (4)Pyruvate carboxylase; NADPH regeneration
AHP1 orf6.65904.89 (4)Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase
ALS1 orf6.2112c0.35 (8)Agglutinin-like cell surface protein
STL1 orf6.14160.50 (12)Hexose transporter of the major facilitator family
SSK1 orf6.79780.16 (4)Response regulator, two-component phosphorelay
  • a The number of spots used for calculating the average median ratio is in parentheses.

  • b Putative gene function(s) in S. cerevisiae or C. albicans.

  • c Partial ORF sequence.