C. reinhardtii lhca and lhcb genes and gene products as determined by EST, cDNA, or genomic sequences in comparison with tryptic peptide sequences obtained by MS

Chlamydomonas LHC proteinsRelated gene in vascular plantsMethod(s) of identificationAnnotation or EST contigaPosition of identity to sequences in respective scaffolds of genomic database (version 1.0 assembly)
Lhcbm1 lhcII-4 b 2-DE-LCAB0512101839
Lhcbm2 lhcII-3 b (Mature sequence identical to Lhcbm8)AB051209385 (transit peptide sequences are found in     scaffold 87)
Lhcbm3 lhcII-1.3 b 2-DE-LCAB051208354
Lhcbm4c lhcb2 b Native PAGE-LCAF104630688d
Lhcbm5 lhcb3 b 2-DE-LCAF104631168
Lhcbm6 cabII-1 b 2-DE-LCAF954721191 (Not complete)
Lhcbm7 lhcb2.2 (Not unequivocally)AF479779Not found
Lhcbm8 cabII-2 b 2-DE-LCAF330793385
Lhcbm9c lhcb2.2 Native PAGE-LCAF479778688
Lhcbm10 lhcb1.5 (Not unequivocally)AF479777Not found
Lhcb5 (CP26) lhcb5 2-DEAB050007800
Lhcb4 (CP29) lhcb4.3 2-DE20021010.7231.1538 (first 37 N-terminal amino acids not found)
Lhca1 (p22.1) lhca1 2-DE-LCAF104633497
Lhca2 (p19) lhca2 2-DE-LC20020630.8317.1218e
Lhca3 (p14.1) lhca3 2-DE-LC20020630.1214.11152 (first seven N-terminal amino acids not     found)
Lhca4 (p14) lhca2 or lhca42-DE-LC20020630.608.1106
Lhca5 (p15.1) lhca2 or lhca42-DE-LC20020630.154.13122
Lhca6 (p18.1) lhca2 or lhca42-DE-LC20020630.6026.1653
Lhca7 (p15) lhca5 2-DE-LC20020630.7235.1870
Lhca8 (p18) lhca5 2-DE-LC20021010.4209.1299
Lhca9 (p22.2) lhca2 2-DE-LCAF244524419
Lhca10 (p18.2)2-DE-LCav391905Not found
  • a C. reinhardtii EST contig or EMBL-EBI accession numbers of previously reported genes for Lhcbm1 (AB051210 , AB051206 , and AF495473 [11, 42]), Lhcbm2 (AB051209 and AB051205 [42]), Lhcbm3 (AB051208 and AB051204 [42]), lhcbm4 (AF104630 [O'Connor et al., 1999]); Lhcbm5 (AF104631 [O'Connor et al., 1999]), Lhcbm6 (M24072.1 and AF495472 [11, 23]), Lhcbm7 (AF479779 [11]), Lhcbm8 (AF330793 . [38]), Lhcbm9 (AF479778 [11]), Lhcbm10 (AF479777 [11]), Lhcb5 (CP26 and AB050007 [32]), Lhca1 (AF104633 [O'Connor et al., 1998]), and Lhca9 (AF244524 [Merchan and Fernandez, 2000]).

  • b Homology to this vascular plant Lhcb gene was reported by Elrad et al. (11).

  • c Peptides identical to those deduced from lhcbm4 and lhcbm9 gene products were found.

  • d Ala207 is replaced by Arg in the genomic sequence.

  • e Ile198 is replaced by Val in the genomic sequence.