Yeast strains used in this study

StrainaRelevant genotypebSource or reference
SY3357 MAT a leu2-Δ1 ura3-52 his3-Δ200 trpl-Δ63 ade8Δade2-101 mfa2-Δ1::FUS1-lacZ39
SY3358 MATα leu21 ura3-52 lys2-801 his3-Δ200 trpl-Δ63 ade8Δade2-101 mfa21::FUS1lacZ39
SY3362SY3357, except cla4Δ::TRP1 (pRS316ADE8CLA4)39
SY3754SY3358, except cla4Δ::TRP1 ste20Δ::TRP1 (pRS316ADE8CLA4)16
SY3805SY3358, except uba4Δ::KanMX616
SY3806SY3358, except urmlΔ::KanMX616
SY4117SY3357, except urmIΔ::HIS3 (PGALI pRS315 URMI)This study
SY4139SY3357, except urmIΔ::HIS3This study
SY4118SY3357, except urmIΔ::HIS3 (PGALI pRS315 HFURMI)This study
Y258 pep4-3 his4-580 ura3-52 leu2-3, 112 55
SY3972 pep4-3 his4-580 ura3-52 leu2-3,112 (pEGH PGALI-GST-HisX6-AHPI)55
SY4050 pep4-3 his4-580 ura3-52 leu2-3, 112 (pEGH PGALI-GST-HisX6)55
BY4741 MAT a his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 met15Δ0 ura3Δ0Research Genetics
SY3839BY4741 urm1Δ::KanMX4Research Genetics
SY3840BY4741 uba4Δ::KanMX4Research Genetics
SY4119BY4741 ahp1Δ::KanMX4Research Genetics
SY3807SY3357, except cla4Δ::TRP1 uba4Δ::HIS3 (pRS316ADE8CLA4)16
SY3808SY3357, except cla4Δ::TRP1 urm1Δ::KanMX6 (pRS316ADE8CLA4)16
SY4120SY3357, except cla4Δ::TRP1 ahp1Δ::KanMX6 (pRS316ADE8CLA4)This study
HYL333 MATα ura3-52G. Fink
SY3826HYL333, except his3Δ ura316
SY3827SY3826, except uba4Δ::KanMX616
SY3828SY3826, except urm1Δ::KanMX616
SY4121SY3826, except ahp1Δ::KanMX6This study
SY3836BY4741, except gln3Δ::KanMX4Research Genetics
SY4122BY4741, except urm1Δ::KanMX4 ahp1Δ::NatMX4This study
SY4123BY4741, except uba4Δ::KanMX4 ahp1Δ::NatMX4This study
SY4124BY4741, except urm1Δ::KanMX4 uba4Δ::KanMX4This study
  • a SY3357 and SY3358 are derivatives of S288C.

  • b Strains containing the designation ura3 were made URA3 at the designated chromosomal locus and then ura3 by selection on 5-fluoroorotic acid as described in Materials and Methods.