S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeaSource
SO329MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU234
SO330MATa FUS1::lacZ::leu2 hog1::hisG34
PW014MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1::URA3This study
PW017MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1-asThis study
PW158MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1(K52R)This study
PW347MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1(D144A)This study
PW245MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 HOG1-GFP-TRP1This study
PW246MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1-as-GFP-TRP1This study
PW247MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1(K52R)-GFP-TRP1This study
PW334MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1-as-GFP-TRP1 Nmd5-mCherry-URA3This study
PW348MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1(D144A)-GFP-KanrThis study
PW349MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 HOG-GFP-TRP1 nmd5::URA3This study
PW287MATa TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1This study
PW288MATa TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1 hog1::TRP1This study
PW289MATa TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1 hog1-asThis study
PW290MATa TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1 hog1(K52R)This study
PW356MATa TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1 hog1(D144A)This study
PW322MATa/MATα TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1/TEC1This study
PW323MATa/MATα TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1/TEC1 hog1::TRP1/hog1::TRP1This study
PW324MATa/MATα TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1/TEC1 hog1-as/hog1-asThis study
PW325MATa/MATα TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1/TEC1 hog1(K52R)s/hog1(K52R)This study
PW325MATa/MATα TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1/TEC1 hog1(K52R)s/hog1(K52R)This study
PW419MATa/MATα TEC1::lacZ::URA3 TEC1/TEC1 hog1(D144A)/hog1(D144A)This study
PW483MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 [YEp352-GAL (URA3)]This study
PW484MATa FUS1::lacZ::leu2 hog1::hisG [YEp352-GAL (URA3)]This study
PW485MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1-as [YEp352-GAL (URA3)]This study
PW486MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 [YEp352-GAL-ssk2ΔN (URA3)]This study
PW487MATa FUS1::lacZ::leu2 hog1::hisG [YEp352-GAL-ssk2ΔN (URA3)]This study
PW488MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 hog1-as [YEp352-GAL-ssk2ΔN (URA3)]This study
PW534MATa hog1-as-GFP-TRP1 NUP1-mCherry-URA3This study
PW535MATa FUS1::lacZ::LEU2 HOG1-GFP-Kanr nmd5::TRP1 nup133::HIS4 NUP1-mCherry-URA3This study
  • a Strains PW014 to PW349, PW534, and PW535 are in the EG123 background, whose full genotype is trp1 leu2 ura3 his4 can1. Strains PW287 to PW419 are in the Σ1278b background, whose full genotype is trp1 leu2 ura3 his3.