Vitamin requirements of the individual species detailed in the supplemental material compiled under the different algal groupsa

PhylumNo. of species surveyedNo. of species requiring:
Chlorophyta 14844190
Rhodophyta 131200
Cryptophyta 6551
Dinophyta 272477
Euglenophyta 1513111
Haptophyta 1710140
Heterokontophyta 8047115
  • a Only those species that have had their cobalamin, thiamine, and biotin requirements assessed have been included in this survey, and for this reason those data do not include any glaucocystophytes, chloroarachnophytes, or apicomplexans. A requirement for biotin is found only in species that contain complex plastids, i.e., those that have arisen as the result of secondary and tertiary endosymbiosis with a eukaryotic alga. Furthermore, every species that requires biotin also requires cobalamin, thiamine, or both.