Genes involved in biotin thiamine and cobalamin metabolism in C. reinhardtii, T. pseudonana, C. merolae, and P. falciparuma

GeneModel (length [amino acids])
C. reinhardtiiT. pseudonanaC. merolaeP. falciparum
Biotin biosynthesis
    bioFe_gwW. (370)CML225C (433)chr12.glimmerm_1307 (630)
    bioAe_gwH.100.1.1 (675)128.16.1 (417)CMG023C (802)
    bioBChlre2_kg.scaffold_3000262 (PS)10.577.1 (324)CML210C (379)
Thiamine biosynthesis
    thiSCMV092C (67)
    thiFe_gwW.11.33.1 (270)54.113.1 (385)CMM289c (539)chr13.genefinder 27r (584)
    iscSe_gwH.31.56.1 (396)20.15.1 (432)CMT234C (453)chr7.phat_291 (1,250)
    dxsestExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_710047 (744)6.114.1 (703)CMF089C (772)chr13.phat_385 (1,177)
    thiG169.11.1 (254)CMV077C (258)
    thiH/OMTC_estExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_120281 (567)7.273.1 (353)CMM298C (781)
    thiCestExt_fgenesh2_pg.C_360009 (637)12.129.1 (636)CMG171C (673)
    thiDmtc_168251 (711)54.158.1 (267)CMO125C (297)chr5.glimmerm_537 (310)
    thiEmtc_168251 (711054.123.1 (1,930)CMP214C (308)MAL6PI.285 (545)
    TPKgwW.1.690.1 (358)30.73.1 (217)CMH016C (251)
    thiMestExt_gwp_1H.C_30409 (242)PFL1920c (302)
Cobalamin metabolism
    metEChlre2_kg.scaffold_82000007 (842)CMJ234C (767)
    metHestExt_GenewiseW_1.C_30026 (1,357)65.17.1 (1,248)
    cblEe_gwH.14.9.1 (1,381)80.8.1 (579)
    cblA2.1075.1 (301)
    cblB89.13.1 (190)
    mmcM1.311.1 (726)
  • a Model numbers for C. reinhardtii are the version 3.0 models, the T. pseudonana genes correspond to the filtered version II models, the C. merolae genes follow the C. merolae genome annotation models, and the P. falciparum genes are either glimmerM, phat, or final models. Bacterial and yeast genes were used to search the algal genomes by using tBLASTn, and hits with an expectation coefficient of less than E−20 were considered significant. PS indicates that only part of the putative gene is present in the genome sequence. The thiH/O gene products are isozymes that catalyze the same reaction.