Subcellular distribution of GFP fused to the N-terminal fragments of several Zn binuclear cluster proteins in yeast kap mutant strains

StrainaDistribution of GFP inb:
AlcR (1-75)Gal4p (1-147)Pdr3p (1-100)PrnA (1-130)
Wild type (PSY580)NNNN
srp1-31 (PSY688)NNNN
kap95-4 (PSY1103)NN/CC/NN
Δkap104 (PSY964)C/NNNN
Δkap114 (PSY1784)NNNDN
pse1-1 Δkap123 (PSY1042)NNNN
mtr10-1 (PSY1133)NNNDN
Δsxml (PSY1200)C/NNNN
Δnmd5 (PSY1199)C/NC/NNN
Δmsn5 (PSY1138)NNNDN
xpol-1 (PSY1105)NNNDN
csel-1 (PSY1040)NNNDN
  • a Strains are listed according to the original nomenclature given in parentheses.

  • b Abbreviations: N, reporter proteins detected exclusively in nuclei; N/C and C/N, nucleocytoplasmic distribution of fusions where the GFP signal detected in nuclei appeared to be stronger than that in the cytoplasm, or vice versa, respectively; ND, experiment not done.