Hmg1-dependent growth inhibition of ubiquitin-proteasome and related mutants

Gene functionMutation resulting ina:
Severe growth inhibitionGrowth inhibition at one or more of the temperatures testedNormal growth at all temperatures tested
ERAD cue1Δ,* doa10Δ,* ubc7Δ,* der1Δ, hrd1Δ, hrd3Δ ubc6Δ
Non-ERAD ubiquitination-dependent protein catabolism doa1Δ** ate1Δ, cdh1Δ, doa4Δ, dsk2Δ, hul5Δ, nas6Δ, rad6Δ, rad23Δ, rpn10Δ, rub1Δ, tom1Δ, ubp2Δ, ubp3Δ, ubp6Δ, ubp14Δ, ubp15Δ, ubr1Δ, ubr2Δ, ufd4Δ, ump1Δ, yuh1Δ atg10Δ, cdc26Δ, hul4Δ, npl4Δ, pex4Δ, rpn4Δ, rpn13Δ, ubc5Δ, ubc8Δ, ubc11Δ, ubc13Δ, ubp1Δ, ubp5Δ, ubp7Δ, ubp9Δ, ubp11Δ, ubp12Δ, ubp13Δ, ubp16Δ
Other (putative ERAD substrates or ubiquitin-like functions) mga2Δ, spt23Δ asi2Δ, atg7Δ, uba3Δ
  • a The temperatures tested were 16, 26, and 37°C. *, Growth inhibition was observed at 16 and 26°C but not at 37°C; **, growth inhibition was observed at 37°C but not at 16 or 26°C.