Genes within and flanking the mating-type alleles of C. neoformans

Gene(s)Description or product(s)Known or predicted cellular function(s)
Mating-type-specific genes
    MFα/a1-3Pheromone precursor genesMating, haploid fruiting
    STE3α/aPheromone receptorMating, haploid fruiting
    SXI1αaHomeodomain transcription factorMating, diploid filamentation
    STE20α/ap21-activated protein kinasePheromone response pathway
    STE11α/aMitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinasePheromone response pathway
    STE12α/aHomolog of S. cerevisiae Ste12 transcription factorPheromone response pathway
    ZNF1α/aPutative Zn-finger/PHD-finger transcription factorPheromone response pathway
    CAP1α/aSimilar to C. neoformans Cap10 (capsule-associated protein)Capsule biosynthesis
    NAD4αbNADH dehydrogenase subunit 4LRespiratory chain
    SPO14α/dSimilar to S. cerevisiae Spo14 (phospholipase D)Lipid metabolism; meiosis and differentiation
    RPL22α/aRibosomal proteinProtein synthesis
    RPL39α/acRibosomal proteinProtein synthesis
    RUM1α/aSimilar to U. maydis Rum1; retinoblastoma binding protein 2Transcriptional repression
    CID1α/aSimilar to C. albicans caffeine-induced death protein Cid1Putative nucleotidyltransferase, cell cycle
    LPD1α/aDihydrolipoamide dehydrogenaseAmino acid metabolism
    RPO41α/aMitochondrial RNA polymeraseEnergy generation, mitochondrial transcription
    MYO2α/aMyosin heavy chain, class V myosinPolar growth and secretion
    ETF1α/aPutative electron transport flavoproteinUnknown
    PRT1α/aTranslation initiation factor eIF3 beta subunitProtein synthesis
    IKS1α/adProbable serine/threonine protein kinaseUnknown
    NCP1aeSimilar to N. crassa protein of unknown functionUnknown
Genes flanking the MAT locus
    SLH1Putative member of the Snf2 family of DNA helicasesUnknown
    UAP1Similar to A. nidulans UapAUric acid transporter
    FAO1Putative iron/ascorbate oxidoreductaseSecondary metabolism
    NOG2Putative nucleolar GTPaseUnknown
    PAN6Pantothenate synthetasePantothenate synthesis
    HSP12Similar to S. cerevisiae Hsp12 and C. albicans Wh11Protein folding, cell stress response
    APG9Similar to S. cerevisiae Apg9Vesicular transport, autophagy
  • a Present only in MATα mating-type alleles.

  • b Present only in the serotype A MATα strain H99.

  • c Missing in the serotype D MATa strain JEC20.

  • d Within the MAT locus in serotype A; flanking the MAT locus in serotype D.

  • e Present only in the serotype D MATa strain JEC20.