Constitutive PmSUC2 suppresses the defective MAL activator genes of strain YPH500a

PlasmidMaltose transport activitybMaltase activityc
G/LG/L + maltose
pPTE18 (PmSUC2)0.5038525
  • a Strain YPH500 was transformed with the indicated plasmids that constitutively express MAL61, mal61/HA61-90), or PmSUC2. Transformants were grown in selective uninduced (3% glycerol and 2% lactate) and induced (3% glycerol, 2% lactate, and 2% maltose) media to mid-log phase. Maltase and maltose transport activities were assayed as described in Materials and Methods. Maltose transport activity is reported for cells grown under induced conditions.

  • b Expressed as nanomoles of maltose transported per milligram of cells per minute.

  • c Expressed as nanomoles of PNPG hydrolyzed per milligram of total protein per minute.