Yeast strains used for this study

StrainRelevant genotypeReference
BWP17 ura3Δ::λ imm434/ura3Δ::λ imm434 his1Δ::hisG/his1Δ::hisG arg4Δ::hisG/arg4Δ::hisG 27
PY82 ura3Δ::λ imm434/ura3Δ::λ imm434 his1::hisG/HIS1::his1::hisG arg4::hisG/URA3::ARG4::arg4::hisG 3
PY47 cdc42Δ::HIS1/cdc42::URA3-PMET3CDC42 arg4Δ::hisG/arg4Δ::hisG 3
PY115Same as PY47, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHCDC42 4
PY123Same as PY47, but with RP10::ARG4 3
PY156 rac1Δ::URA3/RAC1 his1Δ::hisG/his1Δ::hisG arg4Δ::hisG/arg4Δ::hisGThis study
PY189 rac1Δ::URA3/rac1Δ::HIS1 arg4Δ::hisG/arg4Δ::hisGThis study
PY191Same as PY189, but with RP10::ARG4This study
PY196Same as PY47, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHGFPCDC42This study
PY205Same as PY189, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHGFPRAC1This study
PY209Same as PY189, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHGFPRAC1G12VThis study
PY212Same as PY189, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHGFPRAC1T17NThis study
PY225Same as PY47, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHGFPRAC1This study
PY275Same as PY189, but with RP10::ARG4-PRAC1RAC1This study
PY317Same as PY47, but with RP10::ARG4-PADHRAC1This study