CTD-binding proteins

Protein or complexSpecificityaFunctionCommentsReference(s)
TBPUTATA-binding proteinEssential for transcription initiation 119
MediatorUTranscription coactivatorHoloenzyme subunits; CTD binding subunits unknown 59
Rsp5UUbiquitin ligaserequires WW domain to bind CTD 17, 83
Spt4/Spt5U, PElongationDSIF; binds both phosphorylated and unphosphorylated CTDs 70, 123
ElongatorPTranscription elongationSix-subunit complex; CTD binding subunit unknown 89
CA150PTranscription elongationRequires FF domain to bind CTD 14
Ceg1PCapping guanyltransferaseSerine 5 specific; requires Kin28/Cdk7 102, 128
Abd1PCapping methyltransferaseAssociated with pol II during transcription 79, 106
Prp40PSplicingBinds CTD with both FF and WW domains 83
CstF50PCleavage/poly(A) factorPolyadenylation cleavage stimulatory factor subunit 80
Pcf11PCleavage/poly(A) factorComponent of CFIA 7
Pta1PCleavage/poly(A) factorComponent of CFIIA (CPSF) 102
Ess1/Pin1PPeptidyl-prolyl isomeraseRequires WW domain to bind CTD; 3′ end processing 84
Nrd1/SCAF8P3′ end formationDirects poly(A)-independent 3′ end formation 25, 92, 130
  • a Specificity for binding to unphosphorylated (U) or phosphorylated (P) CTD.