Budding patterns of GAP deletion strainsa

StrainGenotype% Axial% Bipolar% Random
SY2002Wild type8983
YGS2 rga1Δ225127
YGS7 rga2Δ9063
YGS50 bem3Δ9073
YGS51 rga1Δrga2Δ146422
YGS72 rga1Δbem3ΔNDbNDND
YGS56 rga2Δbem3Δ9443
YGS57 rga1Δrga2Δbem3ΔNDNDND
  • a Bud scars were visualized using Calcofluor as described in Materials and Methods. Only cells with three of more scars were counted. More than 200 cells were counted for each strain.

  • b ND, not determined. Accurate counts could not be determined due to diffuse chitin staining and abnormal cell morphologies