Nucleolar proteins that are not components of the SSU processome

ProteinAliasGene productMol wt (103)Essential?Homolog (GenBank no. and/or % homology)Motif and/or commentbReferences
Enp1Meg1YBR247c55YesBYSLa (42)NLS, coiled-coil domains, interacts with Nop1; one peptide in purification 3, 4, 9, 31-33
Enp2YGR145w81.7YesFLJ14075 (38)WD repeats, interacts with Mpp10 and Bfr2, and has homology to Spb1 8, 13
Bfr2YDR299w61.2YesAATF (NP036270.1 ; 25)Interacts with Lcp5, Crm1, and Enp2 8, 12-14, 37
  • a BYSL is a possible homolog.

  • b NLS, nuclear localization sequence; WD, tryptophan-aspartate repeat.